Squatch Films



Join independent film maker, former comedian and, somewhat sadly, Bigfoot believer Scott “Squatch” Herriott as he, his girlfriend Cory and his pooch/good pal Charlie drive across the U.S. in their Class C camper/truck in search of National Forest and BLM land that is still relatively remote, beautiful AND free to stay at for awhile. Not only do they dock in the Boonies but they also stop and visit some bizarre sights along the way…including part of Hitler’s toilet and a Bob’s Big Boy in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. Oh, the Majesty and the Madness…Boondockin’!

Big ‘ol THANKS to all my Kickstarter backers who helped make this film a reality…

Steve Abatangle

Andy Allen

Thomas “Radar” Baker

Lawton Barnes


Richard Bazley

Jared Bobersky

Jason Bobier

Merrikay Boylan

Brian Brown

Jennifer Castle

Emily Chadwick

Steve “Chaco” Chase

Brendan A. Clark

Tom “Quicksilver” Clark

Chris Cook

Meg Cunningham

Dawn R. Delle

David Dobryznski

Kelsey Donleycott

Sean Dowd

Michele & Kevin Duggan

Julie Eklund

Emerald Tuesday

Ray Fitch

Rob Flynn


Lawton “Disco” Grinter

Greg Hammond

Will Hardy

Tim Hart

John-Michael Hernandez


“Uncle Tom” Jamrog

Lori Jazarevic

Lauren “Gazelle” Jerd

Ryder Jerew

Mark Jones


Thomas P. Kiley

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Peter Lazar

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Stephen Lemay

Mike Levine


Suzanne Luna


Will McNulty

Jacob Moffitt

Neil Monaco

Tom Moose

Jeff Morris

David Morrison

Renée Nell

Anna O’Leary

Joe Orlando

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Jim PITA Payne

Craig Phillips

Russ Pitts

Nivaun Rahne

Rick from Coolville

Tony Ronco

Dave Rubin

Melissa Russell

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Ray Salcido

Chris “Freefall” Sanderson

Deborah “Moxie” Schwartz

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Burt Smith

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Kerry “Scribbles” Smithwick

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