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Flip Flop Flippin' Deal

Flip Flop Flippin’ Deal (DVD/Blu-Ray)

Starting at $19

Get the complete set or just your favorite two: Flip Flop Flippin , Flip Flop Flippin 2, and Flip Flop Flipped.

Join filmmaker Scott “Squatch” Herriott as he attempts to hike the entire 2,100+ mile-long Appalachian Trail in one hiking season while simultaneously searching for the interesting, inspiring, sometimes whacked-out and always dirt-laden folk who make up the long-distance hiking community. No cross-training necessary.

All The Walk Films

Walk Films Bundle (DVD)

Starting at $17

Select from all the ‘Walk’ films: “Walk”, “Still Walking”, “Even More Walking”, and “Walked”

Between ’03 and ’08 I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, a national scenic trail stretching from Mexico through the Western U.S. and up to Canada. In the process I shot four films about my adventures and the inspiring, funny, smart and crazy folk who embark on such a journey. Filled with delights, personal triumphs, pitfalls and excruciating half hours.