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Squatching: Featuring ‘A Journey Toward Squatchdom’

In 1992 I feel I came within 40 feet of one of these beings. Seriously. There was video involved. And no hallucinogenics as far I know.  Yes, the video is in the film.  I was interviewed on both A&E’s “Ancient Mysteries” and “Sightings” about what happened.  Partiallly inspired by that event, ten years ago I decided to go on mini-expeditions with people I’d met over the years who have shown an interest in the phenomenon – believer and skeptic alike.  And therein lies the film.  I visit with: William Dranginis – a man who claims to have had a direct encounter with a Bigfoot. This event inspired him so much that he put together a gizmo-laden motorhome chockful of the latest in electronic surveillance equipment.  Mark Thompson – this rich uber-geek joins me on an aerial quest in his state-of-the-art helicopter to test out a hypothesis.  Ed “The Surf Guru” Marques is an actor and comedian who ventures up to classic Squatch territory with me in NW Calif. to visit museums, drink beer and get scared at night by something rustling in the leaves. Plus, my parents at a remote fire lookout discussing my lifelong obsession and a visit to the annual Texas Bigfoot Conference (including appearances by Loren Coleman and Dr. John Bindernagel) round out the film. And oodles more.

“Journey Toward Squatchdom” had the late great Sasquatch seeker Rene Dahinden describing it as “the funniest god damn thing on Bigfoot I’ve seen.”  Nick Redfern of Phenomena magazine calls it “monumentally funny”.  “Journey Toward Squatchdom” goes from onsite inspections in classic Bigfoot country to visits with some of the more fringier Bigfoot seekers. A must for any Squatch enthusiast.